Meet Our Production Partner Art Life

Art Life, the manufacturing partners that produce our natural supplements, is one of Russia’s fastest growing companies. They are considered the founder of the country’s wellness industry and are industry-leading producers of dietary supplements, cosmetics, functional food products, bio-active complexes, and more. Art Life has created more than 500 different products, including more than 100 types of biologically active substances (supplements), more than 50 functional food products (tea, coffee, drinks, soups, cereals, and sweets), and 15 skin care lines.

Their reputation and growth over the past 25 years are due to several key factors: they have their own laboratories as well as transportation and energy infrastructure; they use high-quality natural raw materials; they invest in research and the introduction of new technologies; and they are transparent with customers about the composition and properties of their products. Art Life’s products are known for excellent bioavailability, efficacy, and safety.

The key factor that has contributed to Art Life’s success and the guarantee for their successful future is the fact that they have their own production base at their headquarters in Tomsk, Russia. Because they are not reliant on external organizations, they are able to better control the quality and safety of their products.

Art Life’s quality control department includes two laboratories: microbiological, and physical/chemical. In 2000, the physio-chemical lab received national accreditation and is one of the best labs in the country in terms of equipment. They also have a wide range of standard samples, which allows them to identify the authenticity of substances and detect counterfeit substances and dietary supplements.

The microbiology lab is licensed by the Russian Ministry of Health, which allows them to work with category 3 and 4 pathogenic microorganisms. Each day, the microbiology lab works with up to 40 different types of crops, conducting microbiological analysis of their purity and maintaining a sanitary production environment.

To guarantee a source of high-quality raw materials for their products, Art Life opened Artlife Flora, a production enterprise in the ecologically clean area of Altai. There, they harvest and process raw plant materials. All of the raw materials undergo stringent chemical and microbiological testing.

Not content to settle with the success they have already achieved, including more than 2,000 methods for the quantitative chemical analysis of biologically active substances, Art Life is committed to developing new analysis methods as well. Their research methods and equipment capabilities are used by major research centers, academies, and universities.

Art Life is a major driver in the field of legal regulation of dietary supplements in Russia, pushing for approbation and testing to place clinically confirmed products on supplement labels. The company wants both the dietary supplements and functional food product markets to be filled by honest organizations that benefit people. They stand for the health of society and the idea that a healthy lifestyle unites people of all ages.

Art Life collaborates with medical centers, medical institutions, children’s hospitals and sanatoriums, preschool institutions and schools, research institutes, and medical associations. The pace of development of the company, as well as their production technologies and research, have attracted business partners in and generated expansion to 26 countries and 420 cities around the world. Their developments and technologies have made Art Life a flagship in the industry. We are proud to work with them to bring 3F Three Force to the United States.