The Sustainable Source of Siberian Polyprenols

The polyprenols in our 3F Three Force natural supplement come from pine trees in Siberia. This powerful cell-regenerating substance is derived from natural byproducts of the forestry industry, causing no harm to the ecosystem. If you are interested in sustainably sourced supplements that are as good for the environment they come from as they are for your body, read on to learn more.

Siberian Polyprenols takes pride in our products and only sources our polyprenols from pine branches discarded during commercial timber harvesting. By removing pine branches from the forest floor after trees are harvested, we encourage stronger plants and trees to grow and help prevent wildfires and pests thus creating a healthier forest. We also make sure that trees are replanted in areas of the forest that have been logged for commercial use.

The pine branches that remain after the process of logging are taken from the area and transported to the production site within a few hours. Then the production of polyprenols can begin. About 6 pounds of polyprenols can be obtained from 1 ton of raw vegetative materials.

Pine trees can be found all over the world, so you may be wondering: why Siberia? The landscape of Siberia is like nothing else on earth. It has been called the last great wilderness, and is so large that it covers nearly 10% of the world’s land surface. Although Siberia is known for its nearly year-round cold temperatures, it is still very rich in flora.

These noble giants are able to flourish in the harsh conditions of Siberia’s frigid ecosystem, withstanding bitter winds and temperatures down to –60 °C because of the high content of polyprenols. Siberian pine trees produce polyprenols that are the most organic, ecological, and useful for the body, since these trees are the most resistant to diseases during temperature extremes.

For the first time ever, Siberian Polyprenols has brought together polyprenols from Siberian pine trees with other tree extracts from the Siberian taiga forest, including betulin from birch trees and taxifolin from larch trees. Additionally, high content of viburnum berries oil in 3Force addresses the nutritional importance of carotenoids and their effect on liver health. The result is the super-antioxidant cell-regenerating compound that is 3F Three Force.