Betulin from Birch Bark: Powerful Cellular Protection

Picture a grove of birch trees. They bend and sway with the wind and thrive in a variety of environments, including frigid snowy weather. The main thing that might come to mind is their striking bark. Betulin, extracted from birch bark, is one of the key components of our 3F Three Force natural dietary supplement and that’s what makes birch bark so white.

The variety of benefits of betulin is reflected in the source of this powerful natural substance. Plants synthesize betulin to protect themselves from adverse environmental factors and it accumulates exclusively in their outer shell – in our case, the bark of birch trees in the pristine Siberian taiga forest. In fact, betulin forms up to 30% of the dry weight of silver birch bark. It helps the trees grow fast and stand strong against the weather, insulating them from the cold but also reflecting the sun’s rays to prevent overheating. You probably familiar with chaga mushroom, which actually gets its beneficial values by parasitizing on a living birch tree killing it in the process.

Resilient trees can build resilient bodies! Just as the betulin accumulated in birch bark helps the trees protect themselves, betulin can help cells in the human body defend against hypoxia and oxidization. The antioxidant and antihypoxic effects of betulin help stabilize cholesterol and triglycerides, and have been used to address issues in the gastrointestinal tract, central nervous system, muscle tissues, and more. Studies of betulin also found that it impeded the growth of cancer cells.

Betulin also has a positive effect on the metabolism, to help fight obesity. There was well-noted association between obesity and cardiovascular disease in medicine. Practice has shown that the use of betulin leads to a significant decrease in fat levels, and also enhances absorption of insulin and, thus, significantly reduces the risk of diabetes.
Betulin on its own has proven to be a safe, effective supplement. And for the first time ever, it has been combined with polyprenols and taxifolin, both powerful supplements in their own right, to create our uniquely targeted compound: 3F Three Force.