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Empathy is communicating that incredibly healing message of: "You are not alone."

These words by Berne Brown have struck a responsive chord with us at Siberian Polyprenols. You are supported here in the most non-judgmental way because we strive to see the world through your eyes. We all have been there not knowing where to turn to ease the pain, to heal or to improve your health. That is how our 3Force formula was created to give you back your strength and control over your body and your health.


Main Mechanisms Of Action Of Polyprenols

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Polyprenols stimulate the immune system and kill harmful microorganisms, and they remove dead cells in the process.

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Polyprenols inhibit virus replication by raising the number of proteins that are released by our cells in defense against intruders. 

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Polyprenols improve liver function by stimulating the rapid regeneration of its damaged areas and increasing its resistance to toxins.

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Polyprenols neutralize the negative effects of free radicals on the cells of the body and inhibit the aging processes.

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3F Main Benefits

Benefits of Polyprenols

Polyprenols promote cell and tissue regeneration

Polyprenols are powerful antioxidants

Polyprenols stimulate the production of natural interferon

Polyprenols are metabolized in the liver into dolichols

Beautiful Russian Orthodox church near University. All surrounding areas are covered in snow with stark blue sky in the background. You can feel fresh crisp cold air when the image was taken.


The city where our manufacturing partners Art Life create our products and where polyprenols are produced out of coniferous branches is called Tomsk. It is located in Siberia, one of the coldest places on Earth, where temperatures in winter can fall as low as minus 58ºF. 

City of Tomsk was founded in the year of 1640 as a military fortress. But at the end of 19th century Tomsk started to become one of the major scientific, educational and enlightening centers of Siberia with the first university opening here as early as 1888. 

Today Tomsk is a large educational, research, and innovation center of Siberia. It is a home to 9 universities, 15 institutes for scientific research, 6 business incubators, a technology development special economic zone, as well as more than 25,000 organizations and companies. 

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